Donald Trump: a president like the others

by Hervé Pugi. It was to everybody’s surprise that American voters voted the Republican candidate Donald Trump to lead their country. The antithesis of the system, with populist rhetoric, will therefore go and take Barack Obama’s place. The sense of hope and change that was abundant eight years ago now seems to have given way […]

Roland Lombardi: “Saudi Arabia needs great Egypt to counter Iran”

by Hervé Pugi. For some time, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have had a somewhat “love/hate” relationship. Allies of convenience against the Muslim Brotherhood after the upheaval of 2011, these two states are born again from the ashes of animosity from another era. We review the deterioration of relations with our expert, Roland Lombardi*. Scribouille: Strong […]

Yemeni Civil War: a bleak adventure

by Hervé Pugi. It is behind closed doors but especially faced with shocking indifference that Yemen has been at war for more than a year. The Sunni coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, seems to have reached a deadlock and, as always, it is the civilians who pay the high price for this macabre adventure. Far […]

Economic sanctions: the hypocrisy must stop

by Hervé Pugi. For nearly two decades, Sudan has been under US embargo. The only result being to deepen the misery of the 39 million people of what was once Africa’s greatest country. From Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Barack Obama, the United States has not stopped promoting and perpetuating a sanctions policy […]

Libya: the proof will be in the pudding

by Hervé Pugi. Hard-fought by the UN Mission in Libya, the Government of National Accord (GNA) remains, according to all, in a very fragile and worrying condition. In Tripoli, where it finally took its quarters after hard negotiations with local authorities, unpopular Fayez al-Sarraj is scrutinized with disbelief. In a capital where good living has long […]

Economic Sanctions? Ineffective!

by Hervé Pugi. More and more voices are rallying to condemn the – often wrongful recourse – to economic sanctions. A weapon that can be massively destructive when applied across the board and indefinitely. A tactic that is generally counterproductive and morally questionable. Let’s explain. Economic sanctions are « blunt instruments, often inflicting serious suffering on […]