Khalid Abdel Rahman: “Nothing is insignificant, nothing is ordinary”

Khalid Abdel Rahman is a fine artist based in Khartoum, Sudan. According to The Arts Council of New Orleans, who hosted last summer the exhibition A Disappearance, he « has a highly distinctive signature style of abstract architectural scenes of middle class neighborhoods in Khartoum. Documenting a middle class that is slowly disappearing due to either […]

Economic sanctions: the hypocrisy must stop

by Hervé Pugi. For nearly two decades, Sudan has been under US embargo. The only result being to deepen the misery of the 39 million people of what was once Africa’s greatest country. From Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Barack Obama, the United States has not stopped promoting and perpetuating a sanctions policy […]

Economic Sanctions? Ineffective!

by Hervé Pugi. More and more voices are rallying to condemn the – often wrongful recourse – to economic sanctions. A weapon that can be massively destructive when applied across the board and indefinitely. A tactic that is generally counterproductive and morally questionable. Let’s explain. Economic sanctions are « blunt instruments, often inflicting serious suffering on […]

Uganda: Museveni the caricature

by Hervé Pugi. Looking back over three decades, with five more years to come (at least), towards a horizon that seems to offer nothing but a feeling of déjà-vu. Uganda’s fate remains irredeemably linked to that of its president, Yoweri Museveni. The originality of the man, like the course he has taken, is reminiscent of […]

Hassan Ahmed Yusuf: “Somaliland is a model”

by Hervé Pugi. Hassan Ahmed Yusuf is Director of the political Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation of Somaliland. He explains the specifics of his country, seeking a legitimate recognition. Scribouille: What, in your opinion, would justify that Somaliland becomes the 55e State of the African continent? Hassan Ahmed Yusuf (H. […]

Economic Sanctions: When the dollar is a weapon

by Hervé Pugi. BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, HSBC, Crédit agricole, ING, Crédit suisse… What’s the common denominator between these banking institutions? They’ve been “nicked” by the US Justice System for violating economic sanctions, in particular in relation to Sudan. When the leading world power exploits it currency, many are forced to pay out. Not to mention […]