Sudan – China: this so valuable partner

by Hervé Pugi. With a future military base in Djibouti, yuan the official currency of Zimbabwe, a 74 billion dollar investment plan for the continent announced last December by president Xi Jinping, it is currently fashionable to condemn China for “hijacking” Africa and for adopting a neo-colonialist attitude. An opinion clearly not shared by Khartoum, a great partner of the “Middle Kingdom”. On September 3, … Continuer de lire Sudan – China: this so valuable partner

Sudan Airways: economic crash

by Hervé Pugi. In July 2015, a Sudan Airways airplane was greeted by water cannons on the tarmac at Abu Dhabi airport. A celebration of the new relationship between Khartoum and the United Arab Emirates. At the offices of the Sudanese national airline company, however, not a time for festivities. A report. In the heavy heat of early spring, at the Sudan Airways workshops, employees … Continuer de lire Sudan Airways: economic crash

Kamal Abd Elsalam: “The opportunity to reach a reconciliation”

by Hervé Pugi. Wished for by President al-Bashir, Sudanese national dialogue perhaps does not yet include unanimity among all the protagonists. However, the openings are very real. It is this in particular that led Popular Congress to join the negotiating table. Meeting with the political affairs officer of this opposition party, Kamal O.A. Abd Elsalam. Faced with the media, the Sudanese – regardless of their … Continuer de lire Kamal Abd Elsalam: “The opportunity to reach a reconciliation”

Islam: Conquering lands & hearts

by Hervé Pugi. More than simple conquerors, the Arabs forging ahead through Africa, through the Maghreb from the 7th century, appeared as bearers of a revolutionary message: progress. This fledgling and soon triumphant Islam was going to find in this region of the world a sufficiently rich breeding ground in which to plant its religious seed that has blossomed, despite the trials and tribulations of … Continuer de lire Islam: Conquering lands & hearts

Umm Dawban, a close-knit community

by Hervé Pugi. One needs only to pull out of Khartoum and drive about 40 kilometers to arrive at a cluster of buildings, like so many in Sudan. And here, several shimmering, aquamarine green mausoleums stand around a simple mosque surrounded by open space. Their facades stand out against a deep blue sky. Under a relentless sun, haunting chants can be heard in sequences of … Continuer de lire Umm Dawban, a close-knit community

Hassan Makki: “we are facing a crisis because we are under siege!”

by Hervé Pugi. Professor Hassan Makki has been head of the research center of African studies at the International University of Africa in Khartoum for several decades. This is where we went to meet him to talk about Islam in Africa and Sudan. Scribouille: Islam and Africa share a long history. Would you say that Islam is a part of African identity? Hassan Makki (H. … Continuer de lire Hassan Makki: “we are facing a crisis because we are under siege!”