Toby Goodshank: “My strongest and best work…”

Brooklyn-based artist and former member of The Moldy Peaches, Toby Goodshank is coming back with a new LP (on March, 9th).  Dream on Me ”explore(s) compulsive daydreaming, escapism and discorporation as a method of navigating growing pains, mental illness, abuse of power, the death of my parents, being old/out of touch and on the prowl, and feeling invisible.”It should be enough for arouse your curiosity… … Continuer de lire Toby Goodshank: “My strongest and best work…”

Economic sanctions: the hypocrisy must stop

by Hervé Pugi. For nearly two decades, Sudan has been under US embargo. The only result being to deepen the misery of the 39 million people of what was once Africa’s greatest country. From Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Barack Obama, the United States has not stopped promoting and perpetuating a sanctions policy that is clearly unproductive. It is perhaps time for Washington … Continuer de lire Economic sanctions: the hypocrisy must stop

Economic Sanctions? Ineffective!

by Hervé Pugi. More and more voices are rallying to condemn the – often wrongful recourse – to economic sanctions. A weapon that can be massively destructive when applied across the board and indefinitely. A tactic that is generally counterproductive and morally questionable. Let’s explain. Economic sanctions are « blunt instruments, often inflicting serious suffering on civilians without affecting the perpetrators ». Just one opinion among others. … Continuer de lire Economic Sanctions? Ineffective!